Friday, June 29, 2012

Peek a boo!!

We’re in a pretty good spot at Indigo – our office is a stones throw from Oxford Street and it’s fabulous shopping darhhling, plus our office is snuggled between some great pop up galleries.
Inspiration doesn’t always involve being at your desk, so I wanted to share a little gem of an exhibit that I went to yesterday at lunch. It’s called ‘the observer’ at the Haunch of Venison on Eastcastle Street. My favourite piece is from Patricia Piccinini (shown above) and without getting my little pinky out – it’s stunning in the flesh. Make your office chair spin and go see it now!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekends aren’t for working

So let us tell you where its all happening… Dorset baby!
Well it was last weekend for our work getaway - even the sun stepped out of hiding to show some love for the beautiful durdle door.

Food festivals, Clifftop walks, Lulworth Cove, quaint villages and of course a Don Draper measurement of booze made it a terrific weekend. Even after scrambling up a cliff we’re still on point with our superb posing…


Longines in Westfield

So when the boss asks if anyone wants to go to Westfield Shopping Centre to photograph our latest Longines advert, of course I was the first to raise my hand!

The luxury watch brand features Kate Winslet in the latest campaign and is shown across the shopping centre on LCD screens. I spotted one in the ‘Village’ section next to other iconic brands such as Prada and managed to get a quick pic. It’s a stunning ad and exudes elegance just like its surroundings and with Kate’s sign off, it looks good to me!

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Friday, June 01, 2012

Time flies when you’re having fun

OK, so we were really at Harrods on a mission to check the quality of our largest ad this month!

When Backes & Strauss produced a limited edition Jubilee watch that’s specially crafted with 60 diamonds and doesn’t leave much change from £100,000, we had to make sure that everything was tickety-boo.

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Don’t mind if I do

Walking past Harrods one sunny lunch time, we spotted their Jubilee inspired window displays, and of course our very own queen of creative couldn’t resist trying on a crown or two!
From diamond encrusted pieces to embellished rugs and coatings of hundreds and thousands, they were amazing and definitely called for a photo posing as Queenie!
So if you’re in the area, try on a crown or two too.

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Liz is feeling the love.

One, two, three – Jubilee.
The words on everyone’s lips at the moment… And why not! The weather is gorgeous, Pimms has a home on my desk in work (mad men much?) and we also get two glorious days off work…!!

Brands haven’t missed this opportunity either by creating some clever patriotic re-branding dedicated to our beloved Queen Liz. Kingsmill shall now be known as Queensmill and Marmite now hails as Ma’amite! I mean, excuse the pun… but you either love it or hate it – and I’m lovin' it, you cant go wrong with a bit of bunting!

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