Thursday, September 22, 2011

A horrific week at work!

As fam trips go, I think I landed the big one. ‘Can one of your team dash off to Corsica and check out our beach resort in San Lucianu?’ our Mark Warner client asked. ‘Me! Me! Me!’, I couldn’t help exclaiming. So here I am doing my mystery shopper impersonation and blending into the background.

It was a really hard week of work. With beautiful weather and an array of watersports, the office was quickly forgotten, although they said they loved the postcard. The work just kept getting tougher; in the water the windsurfing board showed me who was boss as I tumbled backwards into the waves. On the other hand, as I remember it, getting up on stage and taking part in the ‘open mic night’ was a real triumph!

Overall a fantastic week, Mark Warner holidays are thoroughly recommended!

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