Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rugby blues

If only touch had been drawn as a one point line, England might just have scraped home. No, this isn't another view of Mark Cueto going over in the corner, before Stuart Dickinson cruelly intervened, but an example of just how seriously some of the Indigo team take their sport. We spent most of Monday persuading Simon (some say they could recognise him from any angle) to come back in from the windowsill and hang on for another four years.

Truth be told, after the weekend's sporting dramas; rugby failure, Lewis Hamilton fading at the last and Jamie, Indigo's Fantasy Football Supremo, only getting nine points for his weekend's work - it could be a bit of a long week.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Go to work on a carrot...

It’s more effective than a ‘flu jab and prevents colds and sore throats; welcome to the Indigo fruit bowl. The management say it is the nearest to medical insurance the company is likely to provide and the staff aren’t complaining either – or sneezing or wheezing for that matter.

Despite a rather rudimentary look to the latest fruit bowl selection, this week’s guest buyer drew rapturous applause for the addition of a dozen crunchy carrots that were consumed within hours. And in case you doubt the title of this piece, it is now possible to make car parts (and snowboards and fishing rods) from carrot fibres - so before long you will be able to arrive on time at work, thanks to a bunch of humble orange root vegetables.