Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Late for work!

OK, so it’s not the best photo you have ever seen, select focus and pressing the photoshop button would have made it whole lot more sexy, but it is definitive proof that it costs £50 to be late for work. The man in black in the bus lane at 09.02hrs in none other than Simon, our Creative Director, who is nonchalantly donating another good wedge to the city’s coffers. Who’d have thought that being a little to the left of centre would incur the wrath of London’s mayor?

Monday, October 02, 2006

The joys of public transport!

Add a big red Ken Livingstone bendy bus, a pushy commuter and one Indigo Art Director and what do you get? Pantone 2627 (dark purple) is the answer!
It doesn’t really matter whether one alights from a bus, gets off of (uggh!) a double decker or more correctly, simply gets off the 251 from Waterloo, if you get pushed and fall over you will bruise easily.
Last week, Jason was so keen to come to work at Indigo that he took this cracking blow for the team and continued on his way. Full marks for perseverance and let’s just say that purple is now so last week and green and yellow are the colours of today.